Squamish, BC




Having built a modern architectural home on a large rural property, we needed the landscape design to connect these two different environments. When we first met with Julie, we walked the property together and gave her our list of wants: simple local materials, indigenous plantings, a natural feel, low maintenance, a variety of areas and finally a design that respected the climate and existing habitats. We set her free to design as she saw fit. What Julie came up with, we feel, was creative, aesthetically beautiful and complemented the design of the house perfectly.

She was able to create a landscape that included wide-open spaces, natural formations, interesting planted gardens and functional social areas. She created a way to travel around these areas that highlight both the house and the natural environment. Her design met everything on our want list in a creative and innovation way. The end result is beautiful!

Julie and the Wildside crew were truly professional: hard working, efficient, open to suggestions, knowledgeable, on time and on budget. Working with Wildside was a great experience!

Lila Gaudry and Greg Gardner

Squamish, B.C., Gardner’s Acreage

Julie Tennock and her Wildside crew totally transformed our backyard from dreadfully dull to dramatically spectacular. The average response of first time viewers is WOW! We enjoyed the whole process and figure we got great bang for our buck. Without reservation, we recommend this experience to others.

Celine Cantin and David Gayton

Garibaldi Highlands, B.C., Highlands Renovation

“Wonderful Sense of Design”

Julie Tennock and Wildside Landscaping installed our garden in 2000 and have maintained it ever since. Julie’s wonderful sense of design created a lovely garden that fits with the topography in a natural and delightful way. Julie and her crew are extremely competent and hard working as well as fun to have around. I highly recommend Julie and her crew for any landscaping projects.

HELLIWELL + SMITH • Blue Sky Architecture Inc

www.blueskyarchitecture.com, West Vancouver Renovation

“Committed and Capable”

Julie Tennock is a committed and capable landscaper. She seems to have unending energy and a knowledge of the landscape that exceeds her experience. Contrary to her company name Julie’s calm demeanor allows her to be an excellent communicator and even when there are pressures on schedule she stays focused and composed. Quest University’s landscape was successful in large part due to her efforts.

Vaughan Planning and Design

www.vaughanplanning.com, Quest University Installation