Squamish, BC




About Julie Tennock
Owner/Landscape Designer

My designs are developed from years of experience, education and an open mindset that thrives on thinking outside of the box to accomplish my clients needs.

Ideas come from all around me. Whether hiking in the mountains, or biking through our lush West Coast forests, much of my inspiration comes from the nature that surrounds us.

I aim to amplify the beautiful landscape that already surrounds us in a creative and environmentally conscious way.


I look around and see how things have fallen into place naturally in the most amazing ways.

My education began with art, design and graphics.  It didn’t take me long to realize that working in an indoor environment would be a hard road for me to follow.

Horticulture came next, I spent a few years learning about plants, landscape design, botany , plant disease and sustainable practices. I combined my love of the outdoors with my design and art skills and started Wildside Landscape Design Ltd. It stuck , and I have now been thriving for over 20 years .

Trying to imitate nature is what I love most, using rock, native plant material and natural elements in my designs.

My desire to add new plant life to our surroundings and watch them grow and prosper is my motivation. I find it satisfying to take a once barren lot and transform it into something beautiful that can thrive and invigorate our environment. 

We try to educate throughout the process, teaching safe environmental practices and using natural products.

We meet the goals of our clients and try to exceed their expectations, creating a landscape that the client loves and is willing to take care of.

If this has been accomplished , we have done our job.